Review of Ashley Furniture

Review of Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture has a notorious reputation of fleecing its customers. The products are also not up to the mark. There is also no friendly customer service in place.

3 Review of Ashley Furniture

A customer bought a loveseat and a couch from Ashley just 3 years ago. Today, the pieces seems like they are over 20 years old and not just 3. This is because they were very cheaply manufactured. It is definitely correct that the furniture at Ashley is not well-made. The delivery time frame is also not effective. In addition, the store sometimes delivers faulty furniture. It forces you to keep it till it repairs the furniture. It is not fair to make payment towards brand new furniture set and then get damaged furniture set which it does not replace but just repair. This is an ongoing complaint about the store.

My friend was recently on the lookout for a new roll toper desk and dining table set. There was nothing he liked at Ashley Furniture store. Few of the lesser costly furniture set was junky. The nicer stuff appeared to be overpriced, but not very nice. It is a well known fact that most of the stuff at Ashley gets imported via China or some other cheap labor nations. This should give you an idea about the quality of products at Ashley stores. Ashley Furniture store chains operate this way. This is nothing but organized crime. Hence, you must shop elsewhere.

A customer bought one bedroom set at Ashley Furniture store. He noticed that when it got delivered the furniture was completely made from pressed wood. It also had the “Manufactured in Vietnam” stamped on every single piece. Hence, he had to take the trouble of returning it and had to get his cash refunded. On asking if they had any furniture set made within the US, he was answered in the negative and majority of their furniture is imported from Vietnam. In addition, the sales manager on duty at Ashley Furniture was very pushy. You will feel very uncomfortable.

A recliner couch got damaged only after three hours of delivery. Though it has got a five year warranty period, there was nobody available to service this couch. This couch also has a three days return policy. In spite of this, the Ashley Furniture store people are refusing to honor it. They do not think the exchange or return policy is a big deal. It is also very costly to have the furniture returned as it will cost a huge amount of return fee and is not at all affordable.

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