Rooms To Go- Go Here Only If You Want To Waste Money

Rooms To Go- Go Here Only If You Want To Waste Money

If you go to the Rooms To Go furniture outlet for furniture purchases you will only end up wasting your money, time and efforts as the furniture quality at the store is not up to the mark, its customer service is not prompt, its delivery promises are often false and its prices are typically unaffordable for most.

Rooms To Go is yet another furniture store that you can buy furniture from to do up your entire house right from the living room to the bed room. You can also find mattresses, accessories and leather furniture here that will add some beauty to you furnished home.

Is Shopping at Rooms To Go Worth it?

img thing Rooms To Go  Go Here Only If You Want To Waste MoneyRooms To Go has a fairly good furniture selection considering that it does cater to the needs of several rooms in a home. Its furniture quality cannot be said to be bad, but there is much scope for improvement. Several customers have complained of uncompleted furniture finish, stubborn drawers and creaky joints in the new furniture items making them feel as if they have wasted money over nothing.

Where the furniture store develops a lacuna is in its furniture patterns and palettes that desperately need more variety if it is to satisfy a greater number of clients that have varied likings. The furniture here mostly seems to be of the modern style with clean shapes and bold and different colors. Customers looking for some vintage pieces in classic style will definitely leave the showroom disappointed.

As for the furniture prices at the store, they are not all that affordable and hence the store cannot cater to tightened budgets. If you have a sufficiently large budget, only then you can consider shopping here. Also, beware that if you want individual pieces you will not be saving as much as you can if you buy complete room sets. This kind of a policy from the store is not fair to a customer as individual furniture requirements more often than not outdo complete room overhauls.

The store makes tall promises of delivering the next day but again customers have complained of the store making false promises. Clients have waited endlessly for their orders before having to pursue with the staff which appears to have mostly fallen on deaf ears. Even at the showroom, customers say they have to wait for a salesperson to come to them and guide them through the store and its offerings. This gives an indication that the salespeople at Rooms To Go might not be dedicated towards customer satisfaction.

On the whole, you can go to Rooms To Go for furniture purchases, but only if you want to waste money, time and efforts behind low quality furniture, poor customer service, fairly high prices and false delivery promises.

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