Store Review on Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Myrtle Beach

Store Review on Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Myrtle Beach

Atlantic Bedding and Furniture (ABF) is a popular mattress and furniture store in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It also sells home furnishing accessories and commercial furniture. Present across more than 20 locations, it is known for distinct designs of products at affordable prices. Here is a detailed review on ABF.

Atlantic Bedding and Furniture (ABF) was founded in 2006. It started as a 500 square foot showroom but eventually grew bigger. Now it has 20 plus stores across several locations like Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, New York and Michigan. It offers an extensive range of both in house and external brands to its customers. All mattresses, furniture and accessories are available at fair prices without any compromise on quality. If one is visiting ABF store at Myrtle Beach, then he or she can be assured of getting A to Z of all home related needs.

roomsetting living room 300x187 Store Review on Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Myrtle BeachThe Myrtle Beach store of Atlantic Bedding and Furniture is quite distinctive from other conventional furniture stores. Apart from some outstanding designs of furniture for dining room, bedroom and living room, ABF also offers discounted home packages to its customers. Under these packages, customers can buy furniture for all three rooms at a reduced price. The home packages are priced as low as $999 and as high as $3000. Customers can also leverage the advantage of special discount offers and promotional deals which are advertised on weekly or monthly intervals. Few of these deals include close outs and liquidation sets.

The sales and customer service staff of ABF Myrtle Beach are well trained, polite and knowledgeable. The customer has to set up an appointment one hour or one day in advance with the sales team. This allows sales representative to focus completely on needs of customers, thereby giving them superior and personalized service. This store has its own warehouse which can accommodate bulk quantities of all products. Hence customer can expect prompt shipping. If customer is not able to visit the physical location of the store, then he or she can place an online order from the website of the store.

Atlantic Bedding and Furniture store offers no credit check financing option to its customers. Under this scheme, the customer can get a credit approval even if he or she has an unworthy credit reputation. All a customer is required to do is pay an application fee after filling up a credit application from and submit few documents. In case the application is rejected, the application fee is refunded. The customers can opt either for 90 days same as cash or 65% buyout schemes. The three factors for the success of ABF Myrtle Beach store are wide selection of products, reasonable prices and high quality.

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