Store Review on Danco Modern Furniture

Store Review on Danco Modern Furniture

Danco Modern Furniture came into existence in the year 1986. Though it claims to be the leading store in the field of furniture the customers face problems like limited choices available, conditional offers and not very quick service.

6 Store Review on Danco Modern Furniture

Danco Modern Furniture is a furniture store opened in the year 1986. It is situated in Mt. Pleasant, SC. This store calls itself the leading store in bringing the best quality and contemptuous designs for furniture from across the globe at the least amount possible. It is an authorized trader for some for the best western brands of America and Europe like BDI Entertainment Furniture, American Leather, Ekornes, and Skovby.

The negative aspects about this store are that it charges sales tax on the deliveries ordered from South California. If any item is in the stock, it still takes two to three business days to deliver it. If unfortunately the product ordered is not in stock it has to be considered in the “special order” which takes about two to four weeks for delivery. This shows that it is not very quick. The next bad aspect is that the delivery is not free. The fee charged is fifty dollars. These are some of the bad sides of this store. All this refrains a customer from shopping here. The collection is even limited to only seven different departments of furniture. These are Ekornes, Seating, dining area furniture, furniture for bedroom, office furniture, entertainment furniture and occasional tables. In these departments even the options are very limited; like for Ekornes, it only offers leather reclining sofas. Office furniture is available in Jesper and BDI supplies entertainment furniture. Thus we see that a customer does not have a vast variety of choice. The colors available are also very regular; designs maybe contemporary but they are not very innovative. There is nothing new here and can be found in any other store. So a question is raised as to why a customer should shop at Danco Modern Furniture and not at any other place.

Even the special offers provided have a lot of conditions attached to them, for example if one buys any particular furniture specified, he might be able to save five hundred dollars. The customers might get tempted with such offers but they do not realize that the furniture that is being asked to purchase in itself might be too costly. These offers are also for a very limited time. By the time the customer gets to know about them and would want to buy, the offer may have been withdrawn. Thus we see why and how as customers we need to be careful while shopping at Danco Modern Furniture.

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