BroyHill Furniture- Much Ado About Nothing

BroyHill Furniture- Much Ado About Nothing

At one time, Broyhill was known for its quality furniture, great prices and excellent service. However, over the years these seem to have deteriorated in the store with several customers complaining of furniture items being of less than perfect quality, not lasting long enough and not giving them value for the money they spend.

Broyhill is not an unknown name in the furniture business considering that it has been in operation for more than a century. While earlier, its name was associated with fine-quality furniture, great prices and superb service, today Broyhill seems to have lost its shine. Customers seem to be getting more and more unhappy with the merchandize they buy from Broyhill to the extent that they vow never to go back to it again.

Broyhill Furniture- Not As Good Anymore As It Seems

1020 0412 300x225 BroyHill Furniture  Much Ado About NothingAt one point of time, Broyhill was a leader in the furniture industry thanks to its excellent craftsmanship, innovative products and affordable rates. Today this does not seem to be the case with several complaints having been issued by customers. While there is no doubt the this furniture store offers a wide selection from its own label and also those from other ones of repute, there appears to be a decline in the quality of the furniture items it stocks and sells.

Furniture items like chairs, beds and mattresses that are meant to last for a long time, say customers, last just for under 5 years which in effect, does not give them value for the money they spend. Quite a few customers have stated that their chairs fell apart, inflatable mattresses popped out and sofas creaked within a couple of years of purchase. The number of complaints is the highest with respect to cushion quality with clients saying that either they are not stitched properly or get flattened too soon so much so that back aches have become commonplace for Broyhill furniture families.

Even their delivery service has deteriorated in the recent times with promises not being kept up. Customers are given a short due-date but are made to wait for much longer periods for receiving their orders. Customer service at the showroom might be still good with salespersons guiding clients through the purchase process, but the same cannot be said about the repair staff that comes home to rectify complaints. Buyers say these workmen are not skilled enough or prompt about hearing and correcting problems in the furniture. Prices of the furniture too are no longer all that affordable, especially in light of the lowered furniture quality.

On the whole, if you plan to buy furniture in the near future, it would be prudent to stay away from Broyhill if you want to make a worthy purchase. After all, today, Broyhill is just much ado about nothing.

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