Furniture Fair Inc Review

Furniture Fair Inc Review

Furniture Fair may have carved a niche for itself in the area of elaborate furnishing, however much is left to be desired where variety and customer service is concerned. Providing a wide range of products can sometimes cause a store to lose attention on the main focus, being furnishing and decor.

520546 6544 BRHL BG 300x236 Furniture Fair Inc ReviewOne of the biggest furnishing showrooms, Furniture Fair has elaborate wall hangings, carpets and all furnishing accessories. Once a domain for providing all furnishing solutions for every budget, the store is now overstocked for choice not only in furnishing but also household appliances and electronic items. Having made its presence felt for about 57 years, the store supplies bedding, indoor and outdoor furniture as well as office furnishing solutions. Although it boasts of being one of the largest stores in North Carolina, one can always get too much of a good thing. As a result shoppers would no doubt be confused over the multitude of choices rather than be provided with an exclusive range of select brands.

In the furnishing section alone one will find furniture for living rooms, dining rooms, kids’ rooms, bedroom as well as recliners, love seats and many more. Entertainment centers as well as plasma and LCD televisions are all available under one roof. It would be a good option to explore other stores as well due to the high end pricing that would strain any pocket.

The store also has a selection of dressers and chests which are also priced on the higher side. Included are styles varying from Broyhill furniture with natural oak stain finish to the dark brown and elaborately carved espresso finish of lifestyle furnishing. Furniture Fair has a team of designers ready to plan a complete makeover for all your furnishing requirements to give any home a renewed look but the service is expensive. Do not come here if you are looking at cheaper services.

For the regular customer, this store is not a great choice if you’re looking for budget furniture. It would be advisable to look for stores that provide better choices that incorporate furniture into limited spaces for budget homes. At Furniture Fair in order to counteract high pricing, discount sales take place where goods are sold at discounted rates but there’s no telling when and where one will be offered a discount.

Furniture Fair also provides office furniture designed for various purposes. Deluxe and executive furnishing along with all accessories such as workstations, cabinets, elaborate desks and bookshelves and cases are available. However, in today’s world of modern space saving furniture, this would definitely not be the right choice. In the appliances section there is no end of microwaves, refrigerators, ovens, toasters, mixers, dishwashers and cooking ranges. Every product comes with the warranty intact where assistance is usually provided in the event of damaged goods; however it is left to be seen and taken for granted that someone from the store may be available to address your problems.

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