Pat-Mor Furniture Outlet- Cannot Give You A Worthy Purchase

Pat-Mor Furniture Outlet- Cannot Give You A Worthy Purchase

Pat-Mor furniture outlet cannot give you a worthy purchase for its furniture quality is below-par. Even if the items are used ones, it is the duty of the store to restore them to a relatively newer condition so as to give the customer value for money. This, the store fails to do and hence customers are left unhappy.

Furniture is like an investment because it is long-lasting and will not be changed frequently which is why when you buy it you expect it to be of the finest quality and of great durability. Furniture is also an investment because it does not come cheap and in these times of tightened budgets it becomes all the more imperative that you seek to buy more for less.

If budget is your main constraint while buying furniture, you can always buy used ones that will cost you less. Used furniture pieces are readily available at thrift shops like Pat-Mor in Myrtle Beach, SC that literally caters to the furniture requirement of the entire house. It also sells used appliances, fixtures and mattresses that will help you to set up your home in a budgeted way.

Is Shopping at Pat-Mor Worth it?

103 85 300x225 Pat Mor Furniture Outlet  Cannot Give You A Worthy PurchasePat-Mor is essentially a salvage store that sells used furniture pieces and home accessories. You cannot expect first-grade quality furniture here as after all, the items sold here are all pre-owned ones. And yet, for the money you spend even on the second-hand furniture items, you have the right to expect some quality standards to be met by the store. This is where Pat-Mor fails to deliver as along with low prices, the store also sells cheap quality furniture pieces and appliances.

Quite a few customers have revealed that furniture items bought from the store have shoddy patch-work job done on them to make them look like new. What clients have also observed is that the furniture pieces available here have chipped edges, faded veneers, frayed sides, broken springs, creaky joints and stubborn drawers that simply refuse to function like they should. This makes it feel as if Pat-Mor is not worth any expenditure.

Yes, the prices of items sold at this thrift shop are low, and why not considering that they are second-hand ones. Nevertheless, customers feel that where they should be getting an advantage of buying at cheaper rates, they end up being at the other end of the spectrum as they usually have to spend a lot on repairs and reconstructions to make the furniture item bought here look as good as new.

Even the delivery service at the store is not up to the mark with promises being broken every now and then. In short, do not waste time and money in buying old furniture from Pat-Mor; you may as well buy new ones at a reputed store for at least then you will get value for money.

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