Casual Living: Outside Furniture Retailer

Casual Living: Outside Furniture Retailer

When we talk about outdoor furnishing in America, the first thing which comes to our mind is Casual Living. However, with time, its reputation has gone down a bit. The customers are regularly of the view that their purchased products were not up to the mark. All these charges were never entertained by the store owner though.

51 Casual Living: Outside Furniture Retailer

Casual Living is in business since 1976 and is serving in almost each of the houses in South Carolina and the surrounding states. We all have a garden which we want to make beautiful and attractive for our guests. Nowadays, not only the indoor furniture sets but the outdoor furniture is very much in fashion. Gardens are not only meant to plant flowers and fruits but a little sofa set and a small decorated fountain can add glamour to your home. However, whenever we think about renovating our place, we seldom give it a thought that the outdoor needs to be decorated as well.

Don’t Waste your Money, Think Before you Buy!

Casual Living not only deals with outdoor furniture sets but they also helps in refurbishing worn out furniture sets of your home. However, a customer from South Carolina is very much annoyed with their refurbishing service. He wrote a negative review about the store where he complained that he had asked the store owner to renovate his furniture sets but the workers could not do justice to their work. After using the sets again for a week or so, he found out that the materials used for refurbishing was not up to the mark and therefore the furniture sets again lost its glitz and glamour.

There was another girl from the same place who ordered a sofa set from the store for her garden. She complained that the set which she received was not the one which she had ordered. When she told this to the store manager, he denied and said that they delivered whatever was on the order summary. She was very disappointed with this and promised herself not to buy anything again from Casual Living.

These are some of the complaints which came at the forefront about Casual Living. Not only these but other customers also have many more complaints against the store. However, the owner of Casual Living has always denied each and every charges put against them and clarified that may be it happened due to the sheer misunderstanding between them and the customers.

We all know that nothing is perfect. Same way, even the service of Casual Living has a few flaws. Therefore, if you want to buy something from the store, do give it a second thought and go through all the reviews about the store on the internet. Only then you will be able to be sure about your purchase and will not get fooled easily.

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