Value City Furniture: Is there Value for Your Money?

Value City Furniture: Is there Value for Your Money?

Buying furniture is not as easy as buying candy inside a candy store. It requires a large amount of money and a lot of deep thinking. That’s why finding a furniture worth your money’s worth is always important.

901 CO 901 30+50+40 b 300x300 Value City Furniture: Is there Value for Your Money?Value for your money is really very important when you purchase anything from retailers. This is truer whenever you purchase furniture because it costs a lot and should last for a long time. So when you read value in the name of a furniture store, make sure that you really look deeper and see if it offers the value that you truly deserve, because at the end of the day you will be the one faced with the hassle and stress of having a furniture piece that does not live up to your expectations and does not serve its purpose in the first place.

Value City Furniture can be found in over 19 states and has 128 stores scattered all throughout these states. The states it caters are Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. The store has been serving its clients for over 60 years and counting. With its track record, one might think that it truly offers value for your money and quality service and furniture pieces. With all its stores scattered around the country, you might also think that it is enough proof that the store indeed lives up to its name.

Some people tend to go out of its stores with unsatisfied customer service. The sales people are not that accommodating and can sometimes be too busy to help customers with their inquiries. Some, on the other hand, are not that knowledgeable when it comes to their products and the services they offer. This may be an inconvenience especially when you really know what you want and they can’t offer the things that you need or they don’t have answers to your questions. Apart from that, it is hard to handle transactions through the phone and it is more advisable to go to the store personally. There are also some instances wherein delivery transactions have got mixed up and the orders have not come to the delivery place on time.

The store also has extensive amount of inventory of different pieces for dining room, bedroom, living room, home offices, entertainment furniture and other accessories. The problem though is that it has an extensive inventory but not all of them are always available especially when they are posted online. That’s why you always have to call them for confirmation before you actually go to the store and eventually waste precious time.

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