GDC Home Interiors | Furniture Store: Think Before you Buy!

GDC Home Interiors | Furniture Store: Think Before you Buy!

GDC Home Store was believed to be the no.1 furnishing and accessory house in Charleston. However, with time, many complaints against the store have been filed by its customers. Although the store owner negated all the charges, still the complaints never seem to vanish. So, if you are thinking to buy anything from this store, give it a second thought.

4 GDC Home Interiors | Furniture Store: Think Before you Buy!

The store started in the year 1978 when three friends opened a small shop of around 2,500 sq. ft. gradually, the store got relocated to a new place and now has a flagship Charleston store of about 45,000 sq. ft. It is located in the West Ashley suburbs and people from all over the globe come to buy stuff from there. According to the owner, here you will find each and everything which you will need to renovate your place. The furniture sets are said to have been manufactured by the topmost manufactures in the world and thus are said to be the best in the market. However, with time, people have started finding flaws in their service.

Research Before you Buy!

GDC Home Store is said not to provide the needed satisfaction to its customers. People say that there are not enough choices in the store and at times the collection seems monotonous. However, if you have made your mind to buy something which is essentially GDC made, and then you might find your thing in the store. People, however, do not get totally satisfied with the color and texture of the sofa sets and many of them have already written bad reviews on the web pages. Moreover, customers have faced another problem of replacement. When the sets were found to be damaged, the Home store owner rejected to replace them.

Another customer filed a complaint against the store for their extremely late delivery of the product and also the delivery of damaged product. She received the parcel around 3 week after the order was processed and when she opened her parcel, she saw that the corner table top was broken and badly damaged. When she called the store owner to fix the issue, they denied of any such mistake and said that they cannot help. The customer was furious at this as she spent a lot on the furniture but nothing could help her out.

So, if you are thinking about buying your new furniture sets from GDC Home Store, kindly do a bit of research to save yourself from these possible damages. Your money is important and if not others, at least you should be able to respect them and thus you should spend them smartly. Try and go through the online reviews of the store or ask someone who have already bought stuff from the store. This will help you to get a clear idea about the store and this way you will not get duped anyway.

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