Havertys: Not the Best Choice

Havertys: Not the Best Choice

Finding furniture stores that offer quality service and products are hard to find these days. In Havertys’ case, one should review and study about the store before actually transacting with them.

2 Havertys: Not the Best Choice

Since 1885, Havertys has been offering furniture pieces in the Atlanta area. After a few years, it has expanded and can also be seen in Missouri, Arkansas and other neighboring locations. Though right now, they have over a hundred stores that are spread out in different states all over the country. They advertise themselves as a store that offers quality products and services. They also claim that they have the most affordable price offer compared to their competitor that have also spread out in various areas that they are in. With all these promises, one would wonder if what they are claiming is true.

Coming inside their store, one will see a showroom filled with decent looking furniture pieces. There are a few nice and unique ones but most of them can be found in other furniture stores too. When it comes to uniqueness, it is not that competitive and you can find what they offer in other stores. They also offer online services and they even have a shopping cart option in their website. But this cannot be relied on all the time because there are times wherein orders are not placed on time because the furniture piece ordered is not an on hand stock. This causes delay and irritation when it comes to the clients’ end.

The products that they offer are that of the usual that can be placed inside bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, offices, kitchens, and other places in the house. They also offer mattresses and some accessories that can be placed inside one’s home. Though, the main problem that will arise is that the price is not that competitive. You can buy the same kind of products for a lower price in other stores. Also, some have complained about the quality of their products. There are instances wherein replacements are being asked even after just a few weeks of purchase. Though to be fair to them, they act fast and promptly to such requests.

Lastly, they need to fix some issues with their customer service. It is understandable for some sales people to not accommodate everyone inside a store when there are a lot of people inside it. But if there are no customers, one should be able to accommodate even without being asked to. This is common courtesy in the sales business and being in the furniture business for so long, they should have already improved in that part already. All in all, Havertys is a decent shop but surely not the best choice.

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