Palm Casual Furnishes Your Outdoor with Poor Quality Furniture at High Cost

Palm Casual Furnishes Your Outdoor with Poor Quality Furniture at High Cost

Palm Causal is a furniture store which specially manufactures and sells outdoor furniture. All the showrooms of Palm Casual are factory owned and operated yet the prices of the furniture are not low compared to other stores. Designs of the furniture are not special and the store sells only old fashioned models.

The most cherished moment in our home is to enjoy the moonlight/sunlight with our beloved in the garden. Furnishing outdoor is not a simple task, the furniture chosen must go well with interiors and must withstand all climatic changes. Having advertised as furniture store meant only for outdoor furniture, Palm Casual does not have a large number of collections and designs to choose from.

Palm Casual is said to be family owned and operated business but there is not a sign of professionalism and business ethics are not followed here. All the products that are made in Palm Casual factory are of poor quality and are made to stock so there are no unique designs. Palm Casual is in operation since 1979, yet it has only 10 factory outlets. This is a perfect example to show the demand for Palm Casual’s products. The company claims that its products are sold in many other furniture stores yet the prices are very high in this store. Poor quality service is yet another criticism that is doing the rounds about Palm Casual.

Why Shouldn’t You Choose Palm Casual?

toronto patio furniture 001 1 300x225 Palm Casual Furnishes Your Outdoor with Poor Quality Furniture at High Cost Palm Casual claims that it has the best priced quality furniture in the industry, but this is not true most of the times. Even though it manufactures and sells its own products the prices are always high and there are no additional offers or discounts even during festive seasons. The marginal cost is always kept high in each of the products sold and the sales persons in the store are very harsh. They do not help the people in selecting and many times the product has damages which are not informed beforehand.

Many people visit the store with a belief that they can get good price for products as they are purchased from the factory directly. Even though this holds true for some of the products, many of the products in Palm Casual are highly priced. The company sells products only made from aluminum, pipe, wicker and cast.

As Palm Casual has its own manufacturing unit it uses poor quality materials to make the products. As a result the products do not last long and they get easily worn out. Outdoor furniture must withstand all hard climatic changes and must not lose its shine, but the furniture from Palm Casual is straight opposite to these characteristics. The products that are ordered for customer specifications are not usually made accordingly and they always exceed the budget. Home delivery is not scheduled properly and it takes long time for the products to be delivered.

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