Review of Wilcox of Charleston

Review of Wilcox of Charleston

There have been many reports about the quality of furniture at Wilcox of Charleston furniture store. The store also does not have good return or exchange policy. This is a very disturbing fact.

4 Review of Wilcox of Charleston

If you look at all the customer reviews of Wilcox of Charleston furniture store, you will come across several negative customer reviews. They all seem to be complaining regarding all the aspects involved in purchasing furniture from this store such as worst customer service, rude salesmen, and a delivery date that is botched up as well as mismanaged deliveries. In mismanaged deliveries, the furniture would have been delivered in a damaged state since the delivery individuals would have handled the customer’s furniture badly. This negative review of Wilcox of Charleston describes the bad shopping experience that the customers had while buying the furniture from the store.

A client is usually dissatisfied with the Wilcox of Charleston store regarding the handling of furniture order. This dissatisfaction about custom furniture set orders has mainly led to lot of negative reviews. The staff at Wilcox of Charleston mess with your order or they do not think about properly informing you about the order. This usually occurs with respect to upholstered furniture sets where the client may order a particular fabric unknowingly which is not available any longer. However, it is the duty of any furniture shop to inform all customers about availability of fabrics for upholstery, or finishing in case of the case goods.

Sometimes the Wilcox of Charleston store also delivers your highly awaited furniture in a damaged condition. Naturally, anybody would be really upset whenever this happens. This can also well be the doing of the people in charge of delivery who damage your furniture while unloading or loading. It is even possible that your furniture gets damaged during transit from manufacturing site. This is because most of the furniture is manufactured overseas and gets shipped from faraway places. In several cases the wooden furniture is badly manufactured. The wooden furniture set either jiggles or the furniture set also has jagged edges.

When it comes to upholstered furniture, its seams can be seen giving out. Additionally, its patterns may not be aligned correctly. In worst cases the finish will not have been applied at all. The furniture cushions at Wilcox of Charleston store are also not resilient. In cases of motion furniture sets, the mechanism is not smooth operating. Hence, there are definitely many manufacturing defects in furniture purchased from this store. This is a cause of worry as you consistently get to read reports mentioning these faults. All good furniture stores must exchange this type of furniture. However, the exchange or return policy of this furniture shop is also not customer friendly.

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