Shopping in Taft Furniture is Unpleasant

Shopping in Taft Furniture is Unpleasant

Taft Furniture claims that it is a big store which features all the major brands of mattresses and furniture but a personal visit to the shop will give a different experience as most of the items in the website or on the advertisement manual are out of stock. The store offers discounts but the discount is on the already high priced tags.

Taft Furniture advertised as The Big Store has nothing big with it except for the loads of complaints about the quality, design, service and price of the product sold here. Taft has a beautifully designed showroom but this extra overhead cost reflects in the price of the products sold here. The very first thing we expect form a furniture store or any store for that matter is a warm welcome and Taft is no such exception to offer such a warm greeting but after greeting and handling the business card the sales person in the shop just vanishes away. The store is of poor maintenance and most of the time lifts are out of service.

Options are Minimal in Taft Furniture

images 1 Shopping in Taft Furniture is UnpleasantOne who visits Taft furniture will never forget his day, due to the tiring and unpleasant experience one gets in the showroom. There are lot of sales persons and qualified staff in the showroom but none of these people are willing to help the customers. These people are always occupied by some other most important discussions like a movie released last night or with some Hollywood gossips. The store manager is yet another person who is least bothered about the customer complaints. Even though there are few qualified persons who are willing to help these people are already busy with the customers who had visited the shop early. When you are lucky enough to get a sales person to help you, it is certain that you will curse the day as these people are worst making us choose the product which is not worth.

Taft advertises that it has free furniture delivery, but when contacted for the same the store manager or the delivery in charge would happily point out the same advertisement we have seen saying that customers who purchase above $500 are only eligible for free delivery. These terms and conditions which the company uses are printed in small letters which will never catch our attention at first sight. It is just a cheap marketing technique to make customers enter the show room.

The store has a large range of collection of mattresses yes! But most often customers find that the size they demand is out of stock. Taft has a beautifully designed and managed website featuring a large array of furniture sets, on personal visit the store do not have most of the designs featured in the site. Taft advertises that it makes free local delivery to the purchase of mattress made through online but online purchase tools are not user friendly and it demands lot of personal information.

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