Review of Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Greenville Sc

Review of Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Greenville Sc

Considered to be a market leader, ABF has proved itself right by having one of the biggest collections of home furnishing, ranging from bulky furniture to small art works, mirrors and lamps.

Some call it as “the best kept furniture stores in greenville sc secret” though it might not be the largest retailer but it is proud to offer the best prices and the most valuable collection. Known as ABF, it is different from any other conventional furniture store or from any company providing the facility of online store. A funky and relaxing atmosphere is made possible by it in all its stores. It has its stores located in mainly Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Physical visits are not at all essential as it offers the best online store for home furnishings. Its collection is not restricted to big furniture; rather it even spreads to lamps, mirrors and art works. The companies which act as vendors to provide their most famous collection to ABF are ForbiddenCity, Hughes, Coaster, Lifestyle, Lifestyle Solutions, Harden, Homelegance, Motion Ease, Symbol, Sealy, Simmons, Vintage Verandah, Fairmont Designs, Powell, Klaussner, Pulaski, Old Town Imports, and River Forks.

CHARL Drawing Room wide 720x540 300x225 Review of Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Greenville ScThe customers will be glad to know that ABF offers a wide range in the collection of all the furniture needed in a home. These may include armoires, chests, dining room sets, mattress sets, ottomans, sectional sofas, dressers, tables, accent pieces, art work, chaise lounges, dinettes, buffets and hutches, glass tables, hot tubs and the list goes on and on. The store delivers at your door step without any tension or headache. It has some of the most popular bedroom sets like Hillary Platform set, Cappuccino Mission Set, multiple Louis Philippe sets and various sets of low ranges. One of the most sought after plus point provided by ABF is that it gives its customers the facility of merchandise. Having more than thirty locations, one is sure to walk into one of these stores to choose whatever he or she wants. Apart from each store having its own storehouse, it owns an enormous stockroom where bulk item is kept. Thus this makes sure that none of its customers will have to make a compromise while choosing. One more important factor that makes it the leading store is that it keeps in mind the time taken for delivering the product to our homes. None of the consignments takes a time of six to ten weeks to be home delivered.

The store makes sure that its collection and designs continuously undergo an up gradation process in order to meet its customers need always.

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